Monday, October 26, 2009

My Pliable Face

In case you are looking for a wide range of facial expressions for your project, here's a sampling of what I have to offer!

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Shaking Matt Damon's Hand

Oh, and by the way, last Tuesday, I worked on the movie The Adjustment Bureau, and had the chance to shake Matt Damon's hand! Here ends my acting journey.* I have reached fulfillment.

*Not really. Please keep checking back for further updates!

Roz Coleman's Film & TV Technique Class

This month, I have been taking class at Actors Connection under Roz Coleman, the on-set coach for HBO's In Treatment. This has been an excellent opportunity to get in front of the camera and really learn the ins and outs of on-screen performance from a woman whose career spans film, television, and Broadway and who has worked with the likes of Meryl Streep.

For the class, I have worked on scenes from Law & Order: SVU, the sci-fi crime show Fringe, and the scene I brought in from the film Pride & Prejudice (2005). We've worked in the context of both auditions and on-set performance, and it's been an invaluable experience: I have gained both confidence and performance skills. Thank you, Roz!

Monday, October 5, 2009

2 Songs

Yesterday at church I had the chance to sing a classical solo: "The Lord's Prayer" by Albert Hay Malotte. Boggie, our pianist, did an incredible job improvising, especially considering we hadn't practiced until yesterday morning! One talented woman. I was proud of myself for how it sounded, particularly the high notes, and people who came up to me afterwards said they really enjoyed it and were moved, one woman even to tears.

On a completely different note, although also a musical note, one of the Dutch tourists on my Manhattan tour bus sent me an email recently. Apparently, she had promised to send me the video she'd taken of me singing "New York State of Mind" on a tour. Not only did she send it to me, but she made it available to the whole world! (Oh, dear.) So, if you need a mini-break from work, check out the short video of me getting in tune with Billy Joel: Zangeres in New York.