Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Audition: New Original Play

I have an audition tomorrow in the city for a new original play (as yet untitled), which is a comedy set in New York City. According to the description, "the play is a collection of funny sketches and antidotes from every day life experiences of people living in New York." They will be casting 10 men and 10 women, and I am excited about this project because, well, life in New York is worth writing endless plays and movies about--really. I don't see it as overdone. There is that much material. Also, it looks like this would be an ensemble piece, and I love that kind of thing.

Looking forward to it!

Another Great Seminar from Lisa Gold!

Last night, I attended yet another great seminar led by Lisa Gold of Acting Outside the Box. It was called "Networking Know How" and was expertly timed to be 2 days before her monthly networking party at B. Smiths in midtown. (You can go for just $5--check it out at What I appreciate most about Lisa--and her lovely assistant Tracy Costa--is that she teaches artsy fartsy actors to be in the business of show, showering us with wisdom like candy from a pinata, wisdom that could help us end the "starving actor" syndrome and make actors into savvy business people who know their product (themselves) and can market it in a way that offers something of real value to the industry.

Haven't gone to one of these seminars? I highly recommend them. Seriously. I tend to walk away from every one going, "Okay, I CAN make it in this business, AND I know how to get there." She's helping us turn our dreams into plans. Wonderful stuff.

Thanks, Lisa and Tracy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mingle, Mingle, Mingle

I am getting out and networking it up! Here's a peek inside my little black book, in case you want to catch me around town:

Last Friday:
Party it up at ACEFest's Film Industry Bash at The Luxe Lounge (hot date--my husband, Chris)

Take "Networking Know How" seminar by Lisa Gold of Act Outside the Box

This Thursday:
First Thursdays Networking Party at B. Smiths in midtown

Thursday, July 15:
Freelancers Union Film & Television Networking Party at Deity in Brooklyn

I hope to see you while I'm out and about!

Bard Business

Yesterday was Shakespeare Day for me! I took a free Shakespeare class with Andy Goldberg of The Shakespeare Gym in Manhattan, which was wonderful! It really made acting Shakespeare, and the approach to acting in general, a total body experience. I loved it. I ended the class really needing some water. We'll see if my schedule, budget, and goals work out to where I decide to continue with his training.

Last night, I auditioned for the Queens Players' production of Julius Caesar at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City. Coincidentally, this production will also be taking a total body approach to Shakespeare--there's even a physical bootcamp required for the whole cast. So great! If I've been called back, they'll let me know this week sometime. I am definitely excited about the prospect of taking on both Shakespeare and a team-building physical challenge.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Audition: Murder Mystery

I had a great audition last night. It was for a murder mystery play called "Nut Case". We were asked to prepare either a one-minute comedic monologue or a joke.

I met Ken and Susan and did my monologue for them, and then they asked me to tell a joke. I had one ready, which was the "three sisters"joke (thank you, Summer from Camp Lutherhaven!). Ken died laughing, and Susan was laughing, but I think wasn't sure if she should be laughing! (You'd have to hear the joke.) Then, they wanted to know if I could sing. I had explained in our initial chat that I sing for my church, I like to sing, but I don't have a lot of vocal training. They said to just sing anything. So I started into Amazing Grace, singing the first verse. When I opened my eyes at the end, Ken sat back in his chair with his hand to his heart, and said, "And you said you couldn't sing." He mentioned that he was impressed with the musical style I gave the song. I said, "Well, it's not me; it's from God," and pointed up.

They gave me a line from the script to work on, and let me go outside to practice it. It had some very technical-sounding words in it, so I figured the point was to show them that I was good with copy. So when I went back in, I delivered the line matter-of-factly, not stumbling over the words. Ken talked to me about the character he wants to see behind the line. He said the character of Cookie is mostly on a video screen, but she's got to have a certain appeal, she's got to have "something". He asked me to seduce the two of them with the line, which was interesting given the technical-sounding jargon, and then to try it using my Texas charm.

Ken said it had been was a good audition, and that they would definitely be calling me next week. (I know from being in this business for a little while that that is no guarantee of a part, but definitely encouraging!)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh, the endless variety of acting...

So, I found myself working on a commercial last week in a unitard, covered from fingertip to toes to neck in stretchy, shiny orange fabric, with a matching orange bike helmet on my head. I was on a sound stage dancing, doing the wave, and standing at attention like I was in the military.

Is acting an uphill climb? Yes. Does it make you wonder if you'll ever have career stability? Yes.

Is it boring and monotonous? Absolutely not!