Saturday, June 19, 2010

Audition: Murder Mystery

I had a great audition last night. It was for a murder mystery play called "Nut Case". We were asked to prepare either a one-minute comedic monologue or a joke.

I met Ken and Susan and did my monologue for them, and then they asked me to tell a joke. I had one ready, which was the "three sisters"joke (thank you, Summer from Camp Lutherhaven!). Ken died laughing, and Susan was laughing, but I think wasn't sure if she should be laughing! (You'd have to hear the joke.) Then, they wanted to know if I could sing. I had explained in our initial chat that I sing for my church, I like to sing, but I don't have a lot of vocal training. They said to just sing anything. So I started into Amazing Grace, singing the first verse. When I opened my eyes at the end, Ken sat back in his chair with his hand to his heart, and said, "And you said you couldn't sing." He mentioned that he was impressed with the musical style I gave the song. I said, "Well, it's not me; it's from God," and pointed up.

They gave me a line from the script to work on, and let me go outside to practice it. It had some very technical-sounding words in it, so I figured the point was to show them that I was good with copy. So when I went back in, I delivered the line matter-of-factly, not stumbling over the words. Ken talked to me about the character he wants to see behind the line. He said the character of Cookie is mostly on a video screen, but she's got to have a certain appeal, she's got to have "something". He asked me to seduce the two of them with the line, which was interesting given the technical-sounding jargon, and then to try it using my Texas charm.

Ken said it had been was a good audition, and that they would definitely be calling me next week. (I know from being in this business for a little while that that is no guarantee of a part, but definitely encouraging!)

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  1. Auditions like that are encouraging. Should I keep my fingers crossed in addition to prayers?