Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Audition

I have been notified that I have an audition for a play version of The Little Mermaid sometime at the end of this month. More details to come.

This makes me laugh because they were asking for kids and youth 21 years of age and younger, and I thought, "Why not? I keep being told that I look younger and can play younger." And I got the audition! This takes me back to elementary school days, competing with Catherine Benavidez on the playground for who could sing "Part of Your World" better.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Update: Neva Give Up

The play I am in, Neva Give Up, will be performed next on March 6 & 7. I am waiting for more details, as I was scheduled to go to my first rehearsal last night, but it was canceled because the mother of one of the cast members is in Haiti, and they are working to get her a way out of the country. I will post more details regarding our performances as soon as I have them.

It's nice to have a character to work on! I am playing the main character's friend, Sharon, both when they are in high school, and after time has passed, when they are out in the working world. One way I've worked on the part is by doing an animal exercise--shout out to Jared Housemann, my teacher at AIDA--where I decided what animal Sharon is most like (a butterfly), and then got under the skin of a butterfly to see how it moves and breathes, and then incorporated it into the character's lines. It made for some very interesting discoveries as well as a way to get at least one step away from who I am and create a character different from myself and my own mannerisms and patterns. It's scary but exciting!