Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Great Seminar from Lisa Gold!

Last night, I attended yet another great seminar led by Lisa Gold of Acting Outside the Box. It was called "Networking Know How" and was expertly timed to be 2 days before her monthly networking party at B. Smiths in midtown. (You can go for just $5--check it out at What I appreciate most about Lisa--and her lovely assistant Tracy Costa--is that she teaches artsy fartsy actors to be in the business of show, showering us with wisdom like candy from a pinata, wisdom that could help us end the "starving actor" syndrome and make actors into savvy business people who know their product (themselves) and can market it in a way that offers something of real value to the industry.

Haven't gone to one of these seminars? I highly recommend them. Seriously. I tend to walk away from every one going, "Okay, I CAN make it in this business, AND I know how to get there." She's helping us turn our dreams into plans. Wonderful stuff.

Thanks, Lisa and Tracy!

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