Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fantastic Audition!

I auditioned this week for a stage play called "Neva Give Up". I was going out for the role of a social worker dealing with child custody cases, and in preparation, I did internet research, worked the script, and even had the chance to interview one of my husband's coworkers who used to work in the field (it gave me a whole new appreciation for social workers and child abuse situations).

Funny thing: I got into the audition, and the director, Dina, asked me about my age range (as in what age range can I play). I answered with, "about 20-30" and she said, "Really? I see you as more like 18." (Ha! Know thyself: Even in business casual with a full face of makeup I come across as...a high school senior. Very valuable information. And I will definitely be going out for more roles on Gossip Girl!)

So, anyway, this led Dina to ask another actress and myself to improv as mother and daughter, in a situation where I have just found out that my high school friend was taken from her mother at a young age by my social worker mother. The scene went really well! I was really proud of both of us, and our chemistry was great. The audition assistant still wanted us to read the audition sides for the part of social worker, and Dina said to her, "Really? We've already seen her acting ability." We did end up reading the sides, but it was evident that our mother-daughter improv was really the acting highlight of the audition.

She then put me on the spot and asked me to sing. When I asked what style, she had me sing Amazing Grace. She then pushed me even further by saying, "Now sing your favorite song." I knew exactly what to do and started singing Amy Grant's Breath of Heaven, a song I can at this point fully inhabit on cue.

When I finished singing, to my amazement, the other two auditioning actors started clapping! That's a good sign. The woman I had improved and read with kept telling me how great the song was, and Dina said, "We will definitely be calling you."

I would label this audition success.

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  1. Fantastic! Let us know if you hear anything.
    Thinking of you singing "Breath of Heaven" always gives me warm feeling.