Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Patricia Mauceri

I have started going regularly to the Actors Group that is part of Redeemer Presbyterian Church's Center for Faith and Work. The group meets once a month at Ripley-Grier Studios on 8th Avenue in the Fashion District. Last night, we had a guest speaker: Patricia Mauceri, who spent 14 years working on One Life to Live and has a New York acting career that stretches back about 40 years. It was such an invaluable time as we heard about not only her creative journey, but the journey that God was taking her on that whole time, even before she became a Christian. Her wisdom really helped this room full of young actors, me included, to look at our own journeys and motivations for being actors with a fresh perspective: one in which Christ gets the glory, not us. In fact, the first question she addressed to the group was, "Why do you want to be actors?"

Another piece of wisdom that I pray will stay with me is something she heard from her agent: "The minute you start believing your press, your career is dead."

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