Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Got the Part: Something Outrageous

I was cast in the play Something Outrageous to be performed at either the 45th Street Theatre or The Producer's Club in midtown Manhattan on July 24 and July 31. The play is a combination of monologues and improv, and deals with romantic relationships.

Come out and see it! More details coming soon.


  1. Is Michael Horn involved in anyway?

  2. Hi, Melissa,

    Yes, he is! Not officially, but he has worked with us in rehearsals and it is an amazing privilege. He brings incredible talent to the process. Have you worked with him?


  3. I'm sorry this is a year later reply...I only ask because I know about a million people who have worked with him and who have been in this show and Happy Hour. I hope all is well with you.