Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Join me on my acting journey!

Welcome, everyone!

Blog mission statement: This blog will be a place for me to post updates about my journey as an actor.

Quick bio: I am originally from Austin, Texas, but recently spent two years in central China, and am now going strong in New York City. I am currently studying acting with the talented folks at the Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts. The most recent class I took there was Neutral Mask.

Me as an actress: If I was typecast, I'd be the sincere, intelligent girl-next door. However, I have played a variety of roles, and have also performed as a singer and ensemble dancer. So basically, I am an actress who sings and "moves well," as they like to describe it on audition notices.

My main focus right now is breaking into film and television, but I also enjoy the stage. I also have a desire to be part of musical theater, but I am trying to put "freeing limitations" on myself...keeping it simple so that I have a specific focus and a channel for my passions. So, straight acting is my main focus at this time.

Why I do what I do: As a Christian, I believe God has given me these talents and passions for a reason, and I desire to use them with the best that I have to offer and with my whole heart trusting in Him. I want to tell stories that matter and that inspire. I want to be an artist to the best of my ability, and always on the path that follows His footsteps.

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