Thursday, August 12, 2010

Audition: Windstream Commercial

I auditioned today for casting director Jen Halpern for a Windstream (internet, tv, phone) commercial. It was fun. I sat at a table and the camera was positioned low to the table, so it was supposed to be a web camera I was ranting into about my bills going up. We had been given copy, but the directions were that you didn't have to follow the copy verbatim; just be yourself. I had fun making up complaints about cable company fees, and I liked the improv nature of the audition.

After my first go, Jen said that she didn't really have any adjustments for me because it was really good, but said to go ahead and try delivering it in a more mature style (maybe she meant not quite so quirky?), as if I were a little older, maybe a mother. So I slowed everything down, soothed it out a bit, and the second read went well. As I left the room feeling at ease and confident, I was grateful for my commercial classes with [casting director] Ken Lazer. Good stuff, Ken!

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