Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am a girl, and I'm owning it!

You might have noticed that I changed the title of this blog from "Elizabeth Bernhardt, Actor" to "Elizabeth Bernhardt, Actress." While it seems to be the thing to do in the theater world these days to claim the gender neutral title, I like the fact that I am a woman and an actor...I mean actress. And I am doing my part to bring back that word. So there it is, on the title.

And seeing how popular this blog is, I know this change will bring a real impact to the New York acting scene as we know it.


  1. good for you!!!
    K's mom in Texas.

  2. I read you blog! Love getting to see whats going on in your world! Just wanted you to know!
    Jennifer Bartley (Faulkner)

  3. I always KNEW you were a girl! :-)